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Darla Rettie is a trusted advisor offering practical and effective advice in the areas of Constitutional and Administrative law to assist First Nation governments, governing bodies, and corporations navigate the complex web of rights and laws that apply to First Nations and their citizens.

Darla works collaboratively with senior partners to provide comprehensive and integrated advice to First Nations and their corporate partners on: tax structuring, joint venture agreements, natural resources (including mining claims), economic development projects (including gaming and Aboriginal Procurement Initiatives), governance, employment, and human rights matters. Darla's team approach understands that First Nations have their own laws, and Treaty and Aboriginal rights to consultation and accommodation, that must be respected and integrated into economic partnerships and governance structures.

Darla has a passion for human rights (in its large sense), and routinely advises and represents individuals and corporations before a wide variety of Boards, Tribunals and Commissions. Having worked for the WCB for four years, Darla brings an insider's perspective on how government quasi-judicial bodies function.

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