Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Civil Litigation

Focused and assertive advocacy for you

Your Pitblado Law lawyer will be your ally, your advocate, and your voice when you need to sue or when you are being sued.

Whether your case is straightforward or complex, and whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, we will do the heavy lifting required to pursue the results you seek in court.

Whether your case is about insurance, agriculture, real estate, construction, a land dispute, a breach of contract, or any other area of commerce, your Pitblado Law lawyer brings passion and savvy to the table, and will offer informed advice about how you can proceed with your suit or defend your interests.

We have experience at every level of court in Manitoba and in Canada, as well as experience appearing before many administrative tribunals.

That said, we recognize that many clients would prefer to arrive at a favourable result without going to litigation. After all, there is risk in litigation and the process could be time-consuming and costly. We will give you honest and clear advice about whether litigation is your best course of action.

When litigation is not your best option, your Pitblado Law lawyer can help you through alternative dispute mechanisms. Click here to learn more.

At the end of the day, whether your matter is resolved through litigation or through an alternative mechanism, we can provide helpful advice about steps you can take to avoid litigation and conflicts in the future.

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