Corporate Finance

Moving your business forward

Whether you are starting up, scaling up, acquiring a business, or entering into a new and exciting partnership, your Pitblado Law lawyer will provide the legal support you need to achieve the success you deserve.

We work with Manitoba companies and parties outside of the province looking to expand or acquire businesses in Manitoba. We have experience setting up dental, medical, and other corporations; and working with First Nations development corporations, venture capitalists, and business owners of all sizes.

With attention to detail and a commitment to overseeing seamless transactions, your Pitblado Law lawyer will help you navigate your relationships with investors, lenders, regulators, and other stakeholders; and help you manage all elements of your corporate finance, including equity and debt restructuring and corporate re-organization.

From small- to medium-sized family-owned businesses to growing enterprises readying themselves for public offerings, your Pitblado Law lawyer brings corporate savvy and finance experience to the kitchen table and boardroom table alike.

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