Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Estate Litigation

Helping navigate from emotion to solution

A family member’s death, or the death of a close friend, can be a time of great stress and emotion. When there are complications with the will of the deceased, when there is no will, when there are multiple wills, or when a will is being contested, the stress is amplified.

While your Pitblado Law lawyer is sympathetic and thoughtful, their role is to cut through the emotion and help resolve the legal matters at hand, in your favour.

Your Pitblado Law lawyer seeks to create the conditions for cooler heads to prevail while advocating for you. Sometimes that will mean guiding the process through the courts; sometimes it will mean working toward a negotiated outcome. Either way, Pitblado Law has your best interests at heart.

We help our clients navigate disputes on all matters related to:

  • Powers of attorney
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Estate administration


Representing the Representative

We represent executors, administrators and trustees to help them navigate the complexities of estate management.

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