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Human Rights

Protecting rights; resolving complaints; moving forward

Pitblado Law is well-known across Canada for our work in human rights law. A number of our Partners have been involved in significant national decisions and initiatives in this area.

Your Pitblado Law lawyer can help your business, organization, or governing body meet its human rights obligations related to employment, tenancy, and the provision of services to the public.

We help develop human rights policies that comply with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and The Human Rights Code, employment and workers compensation legislation, and we provide representation in mediations and proceedings when complaints are filed.

We also provide advice and representation to those who have been terminated from work; or who have been denied access to a service, professional license, or benefit to which they are entitled under the law at all levels of the decision-making process. Specific services include:

  • Developing proactive strategies, including conflict audits, to prevent human rights problems and effectively resolve human rights complaints
  • Developing and implementing human rights policies, with related training, to avoid costly conflict that often irreparably damages organizational and trust capital
  • Representing clients before human rights tribunals, adjudication tribunals, and the courts, and helping resolve human rights problems with progressive dispute resolution techniques and creative strategies
  • Advising professional regulatory bodies on professional regulation and discipline, including admission criteria, admission of foreign trained professionals, and human rights complaints
  • Advising educational institutions on all aspects of education policy and administration, including admission standards, student discipline, accommodation of disabilities, and systemic discrimination
  • Advising employers on human rights issues as they relate to job applications, job interviews, and job offers
  • Advising employers on creating the conditions to avoid discrimination and harassment in the workplace

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