Intellectual Property

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Commercializing and Protecting Your Ideas

Your Pitblado Law lawyer recognizes that your ideas, your corporate identity, and the products and services you develop are the result of your hard work, your skill, and your ingenuity. What you create deserves protection in the market.

We practise in all areas of intellectual property law including trademarks, copyright, patents, industrial designs, trade secrets, and plant breeders’ rights. When your intellectual property rights have been violated, we will work diligently for resolution, taking the matter through litigation when required.

Your Pitblado Law lawyer can help start-ups and established businesses in the following areas:

  • Identification and development of intellectual assets; we can help you determine what is patentable
  • Development of policies and strategies for intellectual property protection and commercialization
  • Clarification and resolution of ownership among employers, employees, independent contractors, and third parties
  • Application and registration of the appropriate form of intellectual property protection
  • Negotiation and documentation of licensing of intellectual property rights
  • Transfer and assignment of intellectual assets and ownership reorganization
  • Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • All litigation related to intellectual property and patents

4 Lawyers in Intellectual Property