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Judicial Reviews

Calling in the courts

If you are dissatisfied with the decision of an administrative tribunal, your Pitblado Law lawyer will apply for a judicial review on your behalf.

An administrative tribunal is a body—outside of the courts—with the government-sanctioned authority to adjudicate on disputes, claims, and disciplinary issues. Administrative tribunals include the Manitoba Labour Board, the Human Rights Commission, labour arbitrators, professional associations, institutes, specific government agencies and the like.

In Manitoba, such tribunals address issues related to workers’ compensation, human rights, labour relations, and professional conduct among others. Nationally, there are administrative tribunals in place for broadcast standards, immigration issues, competition, trade, and many other areas.

If you have received a decision with which you are unhappy, you may not have the right to appeal to the administrative tribunal. You do, however, have the right to seek a judicial review of the decision.

Pitblado Law lawyers have represented parties successfully in all levels of court in Manitoba and in federal courts, as well as the Supreme Court of Canada.

Additionally, Pitblado Law lawyers have significant experience working with First Nations elections, which fall under the purview of the federal government. If you are a member of a First Nations community with concerns about election fairness, tampering, or other forms of election fraud, our lawyers can help you request a judicial review and navigate the process. We can also defend community bodies implicated in the application for a judicial review.

Pitblado Law takes great pride in the efforts its lawyers take to understand the by-laws and mandates of many administrative tribunals in Manitoba and nationally. That rich knowledge helps us stand by your side and maintain a sharp focus on achieving the best possible outcome for you.

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