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Personal Injury

Providing the legal care you need

If you have experienced an injury that was caused by someone else’s actions or failure to act, your Pitblado Law lawyer will represent your interests and help you recover any losses you’ve incurred.

Typically, such cases involve accidents, unsafe products, slip and falls, or malpractice. We deal with a variety of compensable injuries or losses, such as orthopedic injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries, wrongful death, exacerbation of existing conditions, loss of income, and loss of enjoyment of life.

We provide legal services to such injured people and seek appropriate compensation on their behalf, whether it be through a fairly negotiated settlement or by pursuing formal litigation.

If you find yourself defending an unmeritorious claim around personal injury, a Pitblado Law lawyer will defend your interests and hold the plaintiff to the highest possible standards of proof.

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