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When it comes to representing you on any complex commercial or personal transactions with significant tax implications, your Pitblado Law lawyer is in the peace-of-mind business.

With a long and respected tradition of excellence in tax law, the Pitblado Law team is well-equipped to handle large and nuanced commercial transactions including: mergers and acquisitions, purchases and sales of businesses, succession planning, and corporate re-organizations, among others. For owner-managed businesses, we see ourselves as your port in a storm. While we develop your tax strategy, you can focus your skills and energy on building your successful domestic or international enterprise.

For corporations of all sizes and structures, we pride ourselves on our ability to see beyond the immediate challenges so that you can be ready to overcome the next hurdle or take advantage of the next opportunity to retain wealth.

On matters of tax litigation, your Pitblado Law lawyer will be your champion and advocate when dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and other government authorities on matters related to capital gains, income tax, the Good and Services Tax (GST), the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), and the Provincial Sales Tax (PST). We are also able to help you navigate Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) claims and other programs, as well as tax exemptions to which you might be entitled.

With all matters related to tax, our role is to help you retain wealth, minimize the stresses and risks of litigation, and put you and your business in the most favourable tax position possible—with sophistication, wisdom, and experience.

Visit our Private Client Services page to learn how Pitblado Law can help out high-net-worth individuals, their companies, and their families.

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