Labour and Employment

Workers Compensation and Workplace Safety and Health

Helping you navigate complicated processes

Your Pitblado Law lawyer will help you navigate all matters related to The Workers Compensation Act and The Workplace Safety and Health Act.

Workers compensation premiums can represent a significant cost of doing business in Manitoba. We understand that navigating compliance obligations and assessment processes can be challenging for employers. We can help keep the process as smooth, seamless, and swift as possible.

Pitblado Law can provide the training and insight you need to reduce your business’s or organization’s costs through timely and effective rate and claims management.

We guide interactions with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and provide advice on:

  • registration
  • industry classification
  • assessment rate and experience rating
  • return-to-work programs and re-employment obligation

When necessary, we will represent you on appeals before the Appeal Commission and in court proceedings.

Your Pitblado Law lawyer will also help you address all matters related to workplace health and safety in order to prevent injuries, promote well-being, and ensure that your team can focus on the job at hand. We can help you establish and manage your Workplace Safety and Health Committee and ensure that you are in compliance with the legislation.

When you are seen to be in breach of  The Workers Compensation Act, we will represent your interests and work with you to avoid future breaches.

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