7th Annual Peace Days Festival Begins September 11
Beginning September 11th, the 7th Annual Peace Days Festival of Peace and Compassion will be underway through the support and involvement of David Newman, Senior Counsel at Pitblado Law. David is also Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Rotary District 5550 World Peace Partners and Peace Days...
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Pitblado Law Continues Strong Commitment to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Pitblado thanks Dave for his service to the Chamber and, through it, to all Winnipeggers and Manitobans.  When businesses prosper, everyone benefits. We look forward to continuing our commitment to the Chamber with Lorne Remillard, Dave’s successor.
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Pitblado's Raising the Bar initiative supporting Canadian youth
Pitblado understands people want to do business with a firm that lives and breathes its values, and supports the community in which we live, work, and play. We are proud of our long history of involvement across Manitoba, and are especially proud of our Raising the Bar initiative directly focused on supporting youth.
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Pitblado Law: A Proud Supporter of The Legal Help Centre
Pitblado is committed to supporting its community, and to supporting the Legal Help Centre in Winnipeg. 
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