The Right Mix: Get Legal Input to Strike the Right Balance in Mixed-Use Developments in Winnipeg
Downtown Winnipeg is on the cusp of reinventing itself. Well-publicized major developments, such as Centrepoint Winnipeg, True North Square, the retro-fitting and new development at 360 and 300 Main Street, the SkyCity project, and other smaller scale developments,...
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Bryk is first solicitor in Manitoba to register an "Amalgamated Corporation"
Posted: January 10, 2017 Written by: Jason Bryk Jason Bryk of Pitblado Law is the first solicitor in Manitoba to register an "Amalgamated Corporation" pursuant to The Condominium Act of Manitoba in the Manitoba Land Titles system. The amalgamated condominium corporation was...
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When Does Equipment/Machinery Become Subject to the Builders Liens Act?
Written by: Edward D. (Ned) Brown   When equipment or machinery is placed on, in or under land and the seller is owed some or all of the sale price, that seller will, if it can legally do so, wish (or at least prefer) to have some (or some degree of) security in the equipment for...
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Immigration to Canada from the United States
Americans considering immigrating to Canada should consider how Canada’s immigration rules work.  Not all applicants can successfully immigrate to Canada.
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