Cover your assets: Securing your loans to your Business
I know an accountant whose job is to try to save a business or get the most for its remains, when the business is facing serious financial trouble.  A little while ago, he told me that a very simple, very smart thing a business owner can do is to secure the business owner’s loan(s) to the business owner’s loans to...
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New Costs for Homeowners in Non-urban Areas
Manitoba law, as most recently amended in September of 2009, either will now, or in the future may, force property owners to incur substantial costs in connection with the occupants' disposal of wastewater, including in particular, human effluent and similar substances.  If a property utilizes a...
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Testamentary Spousal Trusts – Income Splitting Post Mortem
TAXES.....The word alone creates stress and anxiety.  Most people think the amount paid in taxes is unfair and even more so if owed upon the death of a loved one.  Typically, on the death of a taxpayer, he or she is deemed to realise all accrued gains and losses on capital properties owned by...
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Should I Apologize for this PitbLAWg Post?
"Sorry" might be hard to say, or the hardest word (depending on whether you prefer the lyrics of Chicago or Sir Elton) but in most provinces, including Manitoba, it is now a little easier to apologize than it once was.  In fact you are protected by law when you say you're sorry. Following the...
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