Competition Act Changes in Force Today
Today, significant changes to Canada's Competition Act come into force (changes I have described here). Since 1889, Canadian law has prohibited competitors from conspiring to fix prices, allocate customers or territory, limit the supply or lessen production of goods. The difficulty for prosecutors in enforcing the law has been to...
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Are e-documents as valid as originals?
We've all heard of a "paperless workplace environment" and many of us would argue that it's easier said than done.  However, the potential cost savings, workflow efficiencies, and positive impact on the environment of converting to using electronic documents are...
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Selecting an Appropriate Executor…Issues to Consider
Have you ever heard the phrase, "Being an executor is an honour"?  Before you bestow this honour on one of your family members or friends, you really need to consider whether they are the appropriate choice for the task at hand.  Selecting an inappropriate executor may...
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“Saddle up Par’dner!”: Partnership Agreements
Partnerships are a common and effective method to carry on business.  They typically allow individuals to combine their specific talents, skills, and resources in a way that (ideally) creates a more successful business enterprise than could be achieved by...
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