Offers to Purchase: When to Contact a Lawyer
The deal in any real estate transaction is embodied in the Offer to Purchase, which is most often signed and accepted without any legal advice. Typically a real estate agent presents the buyer and the seller with a...
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Can I Pass on Passing Accounts?
If you are an executor or administrator of a deceased person's estate, a trustee of trust funds, the guardian of an infant's estate, the committee of the estate of an incapable person, or act pursuant to a power of attorney, you have an obligation to account for your actions regarding...
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You may be out of time
After much effort and after a long period of time, you have built up a substantial and successful business enterprise.  However, time is moving on and you decide that some (or perhaps all) of your children (or at least those who are eager to be involved with the business) should...
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“That’s Just Not Acceptable”–Acceptable Use Policies in the Workplace
Have you caught someone at work surfing the Internet—maybe buying something, updating their Facebook page or paying a bill?  Maybe that ‘someone’ was you!  Have you ever stopped to think if that ‘someone’ is allowed to do this at work? An acceptable use policy (AUP) is a...
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