Do you have dead bodies on your land?
If you buy land in rural Manitoba, you may be surprised to discover that human remains may have been buried under the surface of the land.  Most likely those who have been buried in rural acreages are persons who have had a long and close connection with the land, such as...
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Fake ID and the GST
How often do you check the ID of your suppliers? If you run a business you are likely familiar with how GST works.  When purchasing inventory and supplies, your business must pay the GST to the supplier, but may then claim an input tax credit (an "ITC") offsetting the tax paid.  To claim an...
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Competition Act Changes in Force Today
Today, significant changes to Canada's Competition Act come into force (changes I have described here). Since 1889, Canadian law has prohibited competitors from conspiring to fix prices, allocate customers or territory, limit the supply or lessen production of goods. The difficulty for prosecutors in enforcing the law has been to...
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Are e-documents as valid as originals?
We've all heard of a "paperless workplace environment" and many of us would argue that it's easier said than done.  However, the potential cost savings, workflow efficiencies, and positive impact on the environment of converting to using electronic documents are...
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