The Importance of Quitting
American author Napoleon Hill said "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits." I beg to differ. Directors of corporations can be personally liable, under many pieces of legislation, for failure to deduct and remit amounts for many things, including federal and...
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Is a General or Limited Partnership Right for You?
Partnership is the term used to describe the business relationship between persons (which includes individuals and corporations) who carry on a business with a view to profit.  Partnerships are a popular and effective investment vehicle as they allow the partners to...
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Not-So-Simple Non-Comps (Part 2)
As my colleague, Philip Watts, posted on January 8, 2010, there are significant changes to the federal Competition Act coming into effect in March 2010. Changes to the conspiracy provisions of this Act will apply to every written and unwritten agreement between...
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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs-Estate Planning For Your Furry Friends!!!
Research tells us that owning a pet can greatly increase longevity.  It is estimated that over half of Canadian households own a pet.  Pets no longer live outdoors, but have taken a spot on the family couch and sleep in our cozy beds at night.  In fact, pet owners I know, have even...
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