Selecting an Appropriate Executor…Issues to Consider
Have you ever heard the phrase, "Being an executor is an honour"?  Before you bestow this honour on one of your family members or friends, you really need to consider whether they are the appropriate choice for the task at hand.  Selecting an inappropriate executor may...
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“Saddle up Par’dner!”: Partnership Agreements
Partnerships are a common and effective method to carry on business.  They typically allow individuals to combine their specific talents, skills, and resources in a way that (ideally) creates a more successful business enterprise than could be achieved by...
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The Importance of Quitting
American author Napoleon Hill said "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits." I beg to differ. Directors of corporations can be personally liable, under many pieces of legislation, for failure to deduct and remit amounts for many things, including federal and...
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Is a General or Limited Partnership Right for You?
Partnership is the term used to describe the business relationship between persons (which includes individuals and corporations) who carry on a business with a view to profit.  Partnerships are a popular and effective investment vehicle as they allow the partners to...
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