Competition Law Compliance
It is important for every business to be competitive, but if businesses compete without following the rules the penalties can be very costly. In Canada the Competition Act (the "Act") governs many aspects of how businesses may deal with their suppliers, competitors and...
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Termination of Probationary Employees
Most employers put new employees "on probation" for a set period of time. Often probation is stated to be between 3 and 6 months. The employer's practice, which may or may not be stated in the employment offer letter, is that if it decides to release the employee while...
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To incorporate or not? That is the question.
Small businesses provide countless goods and services desired by the customers in their communities.  Hard work , an entrepreneurial spirit, and the occasional stroke of good luck may put the sole proprietors of these small businesses at a crossroads.  Simply stated, the sole proprietor may...
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Manitoba: Innovative Fighter of Child Sexual Exploitation
(This article was originally posted on on May 25, 2009)  When we were discussing the various ideas we had for topics for this week long series from our firm, Pitblado LLP, I told my colleagues that I wanted to use my writing opportunity to give the readers of Slaw a glimpse into...
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