Not-So-Simple Non-Comps (Part 1)
If you are buying a business, it is good business sense to want the seller to promise (in an enforceable fashion) not to set up across the street and compete with your new business. You want the seller to provide a Non-Competition covenant (a "Non-Comp"). Non-Comps are...
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Responsible Communication Defence a Holiday Gift for Journalists
Canadian journalists got a little something special in their stockings late last year from Canada's highest court. That gift was the defence of "responsible communication on matters of public interest", and it's a fundamental change in the law of defamation. Defamation is...
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Testamentary Trusts – Should You Consider it Long Term?
Often times, when I meet with clients, one of their main concerns is how to avoid paying taxes, especially when assets are passing to children.  Well, it's not always easy to avoid paying taxes, but in certain circumstances there are opportunities to...
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The anthem of a start-up business: “Show me the money!”
Every now and then a Hollywood movie provides more than just entertainment.  "Show me the money!", the famous catch line from the 1996 movie "Jerry Maguire", is an apt anthem for many new start-up businesses. I recently attended a conference where the challenges facing...
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