Product of Canada or just Made in Canada?
While many of us would assume that these phrases mean the same thing, there is a significant distinction between these two statements in the way misleading advertising laws are enforced in Canada. The Competition Bureau has enforcement guidelines which...
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Hands Free only in Cottage Country
You probably know that, while a new law is coming, talking on your cell phone while driving in Manitoba, though not a good idea, is not illegal… yet.  (The Manitoba law has been passed but is awaiting proclamation.) Indications are that Manitobans may see this new law come into force by...
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Competition Law Compliance
It is important for every business to be competitive, but if businesses compete without following the rules the penalties can be very costly. In Canada the Competition Act (the "Act") governs many aspects of how businesses may deal with their suppliers, competitors and...
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Termination of Probationary Employees
Most employers put new employees "on probation" for a set period of time. Often probation is stated to be between 3 and 6 months. The employer's practice, which may or may not be stated in the employment offer letter, is that if it decides to release the employee while...
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