Jason Bryk is first solicitor in Manitoba to register an "Amalgamated Corporation"

Posted: January 12, 2017 | Last Updated: June 22, 2017

Posted: January 10, 2017
Written by: Jason Bryk

Jason Bryk of Pitblado Law is the first solicitor in Manitoba to register an "Amalgamated Corporation" pursuant to The Condominium Act of Manitoba in the Manitoba Land Titles system. The amalgamated condominium corporation was formed by amalgamating two existing condominium corporations.

The registration will serve as an important precedent for condominium corporations that want to amalgamate as it sets the standard for condominium numbering, condominium unit numbering, concordance tables, plan information and important language that will need to be set out within condominium declarations, by-laws and plans, when two or more condominium corporations amalgamate in Manitoba.

When encountering an amalgamated condominium corporation in Manitoba, please keep in mind that the condominium declaration used to create the amalgamated corporation replaces the declarations for each of the amalgamating corporations and the amalgamating corporations are amalgamated and continue as the amalgamated corporation.

In addition, if you are preparing disclosure documents pursuant to section 51 of The Condominium Act please ensure that you have all relevant condominium plan information as an amalgamated condominium corporation formed by amalgamating two existing condominium corporations will now have two condominium plans registered at Land Titles.

Should your condominium corporation want to amalgamate with one or more condominium corporations in Manitoba, please contact Jason Bryk at 204-956-3510. In addition to practicing condominium law in Manitoba, Jason also practices real estate law in Manitoba and assists lenders and borrowers with secured transactions.