Make a Case to Keep Youth Here
With a looming Provincial election set to occur spring 2016, and as the rest of Canada experiences volatility directly linked to oil markets, Manitoba must create an economy attractive enough to retain young talent.  Incoming articling student (2016/2017) Joshua Morry discusses the...
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Trade Deal About More Than Beer
Last fall, tensions flared between Manitoba and the New West Partnership over preferential pricing for craft breweries west of Manitoba.  Incoming articling student (2016/2017) Joshua Morry discussed consequences of the partnership in an op-ed piece to the Winnipeg Free Press...
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Are Police Body Cameras The Best Solution?
As increasing tensions build between civilians and police teams across North America, body-worn cameras are becoming the new tool for better security amongst police.  With the Winnipeg Police set to commence a pilot project with body cameras in 2016, the Winnipeg Free Press...
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Secrecy over phone-tracking technology
Privacy lawyer Andrew Buck says many Canadians are not well-informed about Stingray technology or how the devices are used – and that could pose a problem if their use increases. Click here to read the December 29, 2015 Winnipeg Free Press article by Katie May.
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