Pitblado Law Encourages Immigration Clients to Report Irregular Activity to Law Society

Posted: July 29, 2019 | Last Updated: July 29, 2019

Last month, the management team at Pitblado Law learned of a series of irregular activities being conducted by former partner Paul Hesse. Mr. Hesse, independently from his colleagues at Pitblado, appears to have conducted immigration activities that violate our professional standards. He has been removed from the firm.

We are actively reviewing and rebuilding his files, as well as communicating with the impacted clients we have identified. As this process is ongoing, we recommend that any past clients of Mr. Hesse report unusual activity to the Law Society of Manitoba (LSM): Noelia Bernardo, Director, Complaints Resolution Department at [email protected].

We understand that the LSM is investigating this matter and are cooperating fully. To comprehensively understand the scope of this matter, we have a dedicated team of Pitblado lawyers, as well as immigration paralegals and financial auditors from MNP, to review these files and provide information as it becomes available.

We are profoundly sorry for any difficulty or confusion that his actions have caused and are committed to working with clients, their counsel and our regulator to protect their best interests throughout this difficult process.

For any further questions please contact Benjamin Hecht, Managing Partner at [email protected].