Decided to take the plunge on a new business idea? Or maybe you’ve already got your toes in the water, and you’re thinking about diving off the board? Either way, congratulations – starting a business is an exciting and potentially rewarding journey (intellectually and, hopefully, financially). That said, every journey begins (or should begin, anyway) with a good plan. We all love a success story, but the fact is that startup waters don’t always allow for smooth sailing. Like many things, initial missteps may not present themselves until much later, which can lead to costly and sometimes painful solutions.


In this whitepaper, Pitblado Partner Andrew Buck addresses a myriad of areas that startup business owners should be aware of concerning their business and the law. He explores the key areas of law that involve startups, and common areas in which startups make mistakes – and how to prevent them.


Subject areas include: business structure, taxation, intellectual property, contracts and agreements, and more. Consider this whitepaper your map, as you head down the startup path.


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