Our History

Creating relationships and solutions since 1882.

The Firm has a long and rich history dating back to 1882 and has always had a significant presence in downtown Winnipeg. The modern day version of Pitblado Law began in 1998 after the merger of two important local law firms Pitblado & Hoskin and Buchwald Asper Gallagher Henteleff. Each of Pitblado & Hoskin and Buchwald Asper Gallagher Henteleff were themselves formed after a series of mergers.


to 1900

Pitblado & Hoskin Predecessor Firms

In 1882 F.B. Robertson opened a law firm in downtown Winnipeg, population 8,500. Later that same year after adding more lawyers, the firm became known as Robertson, Andrews & Howard. After the addition of more partners in 1884, the Firm changed its name to Robertson, Campbell and Crawford.

In 1886 Isaac Pitblado began practicing law at a competitor firm in Winnipeg.

In 1888 F.B. Robertson left the firm, and the Firm became known as Campbell & Crawford.

In 1898 the Firm expanded and became known as Campbell, Crawford & Smith.

In 1899 partner, Colin H. Campbell ran for public office, winning a seat in the Manitoba Legislature. He became the Manitoba Attorney-General and served as both the Minister of Education and the Minister of Public Works. During his public service, Mr. Campbell introduced a resolution for the northern extension of Manitoba's provincial boundaries, which would result in Manitoba's present size.

Portage and Main, Winnipeg, MB, circa 1800, source news.buzzbuzzhome.com. Isaac Pitblado 1915, source MB Archives. Colin Howell capbell 1902, Source Representative Men of Manitoba.


to 1920

In 1900 the Firm changed its name back to Campbell & Crawford.

In 1903 Isaac Pitblado joined the Firm which became known as Campbell, Pitblado, Hoskin & Grundy.

In 1904 Edwin Bennest became a partner and the Firm changed name to Campbell, Pitblado, Grundy & Bennest.

During the years of 1905-1911 the Firm at various points was known as Campbell, Pitblado, Hoskin & Grundy and later Campbell, Pitblado, Bennest & Haig.

After Colin H. Campbell passed in 1914, the Firm became known as Pitblado Hoskin and Company.

During World War I (1914-1918), 22 men associated with the Firm enlisted to serve with 5 being killed in action.

In 1919 Isaac Pitblado was appointed by the Minister of Justice to the prosecution team in the trials of nine strike leaders in the Winnipeg General Strike.

World War 1 1914-1918. The firm sent a biweekly newsletter to its men serving overseas to keep them updated with office news and exciting events happening in Winnipeg during those years. Image of the Winnipeg General Strike, 1919. L.B. Foote, source Manitoba Archives.


to 1940

In 1927 a second Pitblado, Edward Pitblado, joined the Firm.

During the 1930s, the Firm adopted the practice of adding the name of every lawyer who became a partner to the name of the Firm. As a result, during this period, there were many name changes associated with the Firm. While the names Pitblado and Hoskin always appeared in the Firm's name, the full name of the Firm continually changed to reflect the addition and departure of various partners.

Edward Pitblado. 1915, source Facebook, University of Manitoba Alumni.


to 1960

During World War II (1939-1945) 11 men and women served in action

In 1956 the Firm was retained as counsel in Manitoba for International Nickel Company (INCO) in its multi-million dollar development at Thompson, Manitoba. INCO had to build more than a mine; it had to create the entire town as well. The development involved the construction of a branch line off the Hudson's Bay Railway, construction of an airport, the development of the town site with provision of water, roads, sewage facilities, construction of homes, schools and a hospital. Mr. Erskine Hoskin masterminded the entire operation and acted as lead counsel for the Firm on behalf of INCO.

Three images. Image 1, Ripley's Believe it or not was intrigued with the very large number of names listed on the firm's letterhead. Image 2, Bennest, Drummon-Hay, Hoskin, Pitblado, Grundy, 1945, source learned friends. Third image, INCO World War 2 poster, source, www.republicofmining.com.


to 1980

Pitblado & Hoskin Predecessor Firms

On August 15, 1960, Mr. Erskine Hoskin, Q.C passed away at the age of 88. On December 6, 1964, Isaac Pitblado passed away at 97 years of age. He had acted in an advisory capacity to the Firm until June of 1964. Upon completion of the Richardson Building in 1969, the Firm moved its offices to the new building at the historic intersection of Portage and Main in downtown Winnipeg.

By the 1970s the Firm was known as Pitblado Hoskin & Co. On, July 1, 1971, the partners of Pitblado Hoskin & Co. and Johnston Jessiman Gardner & Twaddle merged to become Pitblado & Hoskin with offices located on the 19th floor of the Richardson Building.

Two images, Image 1 Jim Pitblado (grandson), Isaac Pitblado, and Edward Pitblado (son), 1961, source learned friends. Image 2, 1967 construction photo of the Richardson Building bneing built at Portage and Main, source winnipegfreepress.com


to 1980

Buchwald Asper Gallagher Henteleff Predecessor Firms

Around 1963, Israel H. Asper formed and founded Asper and Co. and in 1964 the Firm became known as Asper, Freedman and Co. On December 1, 1966, the new law firm of Buchwald, Henteleff and Zitzerman was formed. After a May 1970 merger, the new firm became known as Buchwald, Asper, Henteleff, Zitzerman, Goodwin, Greene & Shead with offices located in the Paris Building in downtown Winnipeg.

In October 1970, Israel H. Asper became the leader of the provincial Liberal party and in 1977 ceased active practice as a lawyer and founded Canwest Global Communications Corporation.

Two images. Image 1, merger announcement from 1970. Image 2, Firm letterhead from 1970s.


to 2000

Pitblado & Hoskin Predecessor Firms

In January 1983 the Firm moved to the 19th floor of 360 Main Street in the newly built Commodity Exchange Tower also located at Winnipeg's Portage and Main.

Buchwald Asper Gallagher Henteleff Predecessor Firms

In May 1986, the Firm, then known as Buchwald Asper Henteleff, opened its new offices on the 24th and 25th floors of the Commodity Exchange Tower at 360 Main Street. The Firm unveiled a two story glass sculpture by an up-and-coming local artist named Warren Carther. The present day Firm still occupies this space and the glass sculpture installed by Mr. Carther remains in place today. Mr. Carther would go on to great renown and his works can be found in Canadian embassies, corporate offices, and airports around the globe.

In January 1993 the law firm of Simkin Gallagher merged with Buchwald Asper Henteleff and the Firm became known as Buchwald Asper Gallagher Henteleff.

Buchwald Asper Henteleff office interior shots from Commodity Exchange Tower at 360 Main, current site of Pitblado law offices. Image 2, merger announcement from 1972, source winnipeg free press.



The first half of 1998 was a crucial time for negotiations between Pitblado & Hoskin and Buchwald Asper Gallagher Henteleff. The Winnipeg Free Press reported on a possible merger regularly. On May 28, 1998, a media release announced the merger of Pitblado & Hoskin and Buchwald Asper Gallagher Henteleff. After the addition of twelve partners and seven associates, the Firm would be known as Pitblado Buchwald Asper.

Harold Buchwalk 1990s marketing image.


to 2019

In June 2002 the Firm announced a simplification of its name to Pitblado.

By October 2013 Pitblado had nearly 60 lawyers.

In 2014 former Partner Brian Bowman was elected Mayor of the City of Winnipeg.

In May 2016, the Firm celebrated 30 years occupancy on the 24th and 25th floors of 360 Main Street and opened an office in Arborg, Manitoba to better serve clients in the Interlake region.

In December 2018, renovations to the Firm's reception area and the creation of a new state-of-the-art Client Conference Centre were completed.

Pitblado announces simplification of its name in 2002 with new logo. Image 2, newly renovated office reception area and state-of-the-art Client Conference Centre.


Over the years, the Firm has evolved through changes to its name and brand.

In late 2020 the Firm introduced a redesigned corporate website and announced a focus on three core values: Relationships. Respect. Results.

Today, Pitblado Law proudly includes over 60 lawyers and over 70 staff including paralegals, administrative management, legal assistants and various support services, ready and capable of responding to client needs now and well into the future.

Current Pitblado brand and photography sample. Relationships. Respect. Results.