Did you know Pitblado is part of a larger network?


Established in 1990, Meritas is a global alliance of independent, full-service law firms with more than 7,600 lawyers in over 90 countries worldwide.


Meritas membership is selective and by invitation only. As a member firm, Pitblado Law is regularly assessed and recertified for the breadth of our practice expertise and client satisfaction. Only firms performing under the tenets of Meritas’ uniquely comprehensive Quality Assurance Program are allowed to maintain membership.


Legal Counsel beyond Manitoba Borders

In Canada, Meritas has representation in all 10 provinces and territories, and has over 500 lawyers in 11 firms. As membership is limited to one law firm per jurisdiction, our election as the Manitoba member firm sets us apart from other law firms in this respect.


Being a part of this exclusive network is of great benefit to our clients. It enhances our national and international capability as we can draw on global expertise and provide referrals to clients requiring legal advice throughout the world.


Working with the Meritas network is a promising alternative to hiring an international law firm. All member firms are like Pitbaldo Law: local, independent and mid-sized. Clients can expect greater flexibility in terms of customized billing and local rates as well as an in-depth working knowledge of local cultural and jurisdictional issues. Compared to international law firms, engaging Pitblado Law and its Meritas partner firms minimizes the chance of conflict while positive and timely outcomes can be facilitated.


Please contact us if you have any questions about how Pitblado Law and the Meritas network can provide legal counsel beyond Manitoba.