Pitblado Law was proud to sponsor the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Roundtable featuring nationally acclaimed author and business innovator, Carol Ann Hilton, founder of the Indigenomics Institute.


Darla Rettie, Lawyer, moderated a Roundtable discussion with Carol Ann Hilton on how the business community can embrace and work with the principles of Indigenomics towards Indigenous economic reconciliation that benefits all. The business community has an important role to play in fulfilling Recommendation No. 92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action which tie in directly with the Indigenomics movement.


Indigenomics is an Indigenous led way of shaping economic opportunities and doing business that embraces an Indigenous worldview and local realities. Indigenous led business is expected to reach $100 Billion per year over the next decade. Government and corporate procurement initiative will drive some of this growth, as will the exponential growth of Indigenous entrepreneurship across Canada. “The Indigenomics Institute is currently unleashing a national Indigenous economic agenda to facilitate the growth of the Indigenous economy” more information on the Indigenomics Institute is available online at http://indigenomicsinstitute.com/


Pitblado works with a broad range of First Nations-owned businesses, Tribal Councils, and Indigenous Political and Treaty Based Organizations across Canada, in all aspects of economic and commercial development and constitutional and treaty entitlements. We can help with structuring First Nation-owned businesses, establishment of trusts, corporations and partnerships, taxation, and the financing of economic development projects, to maximize returns on investment to owners and other objectives our clients have.