By enacting Manitoba Regulation #60/2010 (effective May 25, 2010), the Manitoba government has somewhat eased its regulatory requirements relating to “onsite wastewater management systems”, specifically, systems commonly known as “sewage ejectors”.  Under this latest Environment Act Regulation dealing with “onsite wastewater management systems”, property owners in specified situations are now given specified exemptions, which in most cases means a delay or extension of time within which the property owner – or its purchaser – has to comply with the regulatory requirements pertaining to sewage ejectors.


The current Regulation also expands the meaning of “transfer of land” to include changes of registered ownership arising by virtue of “operation of law”, such as the death of a joint tenant (but excluding where a spouse or common law partner acquires by survivorship in a joint tenancy arrangement).


Unfortunately, the Regulation, as most recently, amended does not provide any exemptions or relief for the regulatory requirements applicable to onsite wastewater management systems other than sewage ejectors.


For a full review of the amended Regulation’s provisions, please refer to the following detailed analysis memoranda:

  1. New Provincial Government Rules for Wastewater Management Systems
  2. Changes and Clarifications to Rules Regarding Sewage Ejectors and Wastewater Management Systems
  3. Further Thoughts on the new Provincial Government Rules for Wastewater Management Systems


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