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Understanding the Creative Industry

Your Pitblado Law lawyer cares about your success as an actor, artist, author, broadcaster, producer, distributor, post-production service provider, developer or arts agency.

We stay up to date with best practice in the rapidly changing entertainment and creative industries landscape. Your Pitblado Law lawyer understands the nuance of entertainment law and appreciates the complexities and challenges of creating, developing, producing, and distributing music, films, plays, books, video games, and other artistic products.

We work with you as you structure deals, arrange for talent and financing, secure insurance, and enter into contracts. We also work with you and your advisory team to help navigate the various tax credit credits that can make or break your project in Manitoba.

Your Pitblado Law lawyer is there to help protect your rights from infringement and to provide legal support and advice at every step of the way.

3 Lawyers in Entertainment

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