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Your Pitblado Law lawyer is equipped to provide sophisticated, comprehensive legal service to high-net-worth individuals, their companies, and their families.

We understand the complexities and nuances of wealth management, and we can work with you and your other professional advisors to preserve and transfer your wealth in ways that are tax-favourable and consistent with your financial goals and personal values.

Whether you are acquiring a new business, divesting yourself of a current entity, considering any type of commercial transaction, or dealing with a complicated personal matter, your Pitblado Law team will be in your corner with a full and rich understanding of who you are, what you do, and what matters most.

From corporate restructuring to litigation, from succession planning to real estate, your Pitblado Law lawyer will assemble a passionate and skilled team to help you address the challenges you face, seize the opportunities in front of you, and consider and plan for possible scenarios for the future.

We recognize nuance and thrive in complexity. Let us be your champion, advocate, and skilled advisor.

6 Lawyers in Private Client Services

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Thomas Kormylo


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Jack London, K.C.

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