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Your Pitblado Law lawyer is your trusted advisor as you navigate the complicated systems involved with opening and operating a mine in Manitoba.

Our lawyers will liaise with the provincial Mines Branch on your behalf and cross every T and dot every I on reviewing claims histories, understanding any encumbrances, leases, discharges, registrations, and any other historical or property issues that could complicate your plans. We also represent our clients to the Forestry Branch on matters related to peat harvesting licences, forestry licences, and surface leases.

Our lawyers are also available to support every business need of a mining operation in Manitoba, including labour and employment issues and legal support through the development and implementation of a mine closure plan, and related communications with the provincial government.

With our bench strength in business law, Pitblado Law is a valuable partner to mining operations engaged in mergers and acquisitions, transfers of licences, and other significant transitions. We are also equipped to support our legal counterparts across Canada whose clients have mining interests in Manitoba.

6 Lawyers in Mines and Minerals