Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Honouring your wishes; defining your legacy

Your Pitblado Law lawyer understands the importance of the legacy you leave for future generations. Let us help you shape and define it.

We will help you articulate a plan that reflects your values, maximizes inheritances, and ensures a seamless succession of your business interests to the next generation, no matter the complexities involved.

We will work with you to prepare a customized will and an overall plan that carefully consider tax efficiency, wealth transfer, trust planning, contracts, planned giving, and incapacity planning. We can serve as a trusted advisor to your administrators, executors, and beneficiaries, helping them to understand their rights and obligations according to the law and honouring your wishes. We will also ensure the proper and timely distribution of assets.

Your Pitblado Law lawyer will work alongside your other advisors, accountants, and financial planners to ensure that your wishes are honoured in full, and that your legacy is preserved as you intended.

8 Lawyers in Estate Planning

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Josh Bokhaut


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Michael Kay


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Jack London, K.C.

Senior Counsel

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Aaron Maister


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Courtney Pope


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Norm Promislow


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Leith Robertson