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Pitblado Law is a sought-after provider of legal services in all areas of transportation law, including aviation, trucking, rail, and marine matters.

Transportation industries in Canada are highly regulated. Your Pitblado lawyer takes the time to stay on top of developments in regulatory frameworks and best practices to ensure that our clients can remain industry leaders.

We represent our clients vigorously when they are accused of contravening the regulations of Transport Canada or other bodies. And we hold these regulatory bodies to the highest possible standards.

On the commercial side of our practice, we represent individuals and companies who are buying and selling transportation businesses or individual aircraft, trucks, trains, and ships. We also act for lessors, banks, credit unions, and other financers; equipment and parts manufacturers; insurers; and we work with professionals in other jurisdictions.

We have experience working on major trucking, aviation, marine, and railway deals—such as the 2018 sale of the Churchill rail line and port by OmniTRAX and the Government’s $117 million assistance package.

Our rich experience and keen insight in the transportation practice area combined with our overall bench strength helps our transportation clients with all their legal needs.

5 Lawyers in Transportation

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Published on 11.05.20